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On March 27, 1942 (just over 80 years ago) our father and grandfather Gonzalo Gómez Ossa together with his brother Alfredo, started the company Gómez Ossa Ltda., in the city of Manizales Colombia, having several local businesses (up to 14) , selling retail and wholesale, household products, toys, musical items, clothing, among others…

After the first 40 years, each of the brothers continued in separate companies and shared the businesses, remaining with the name of GOMEZ OSSA LTDA, the successors of Gómez Ossa Gonzalo.
Over the past 40 years, Gonzalo’s family has continued to venture into local and international trade. In the local Colombian trade with toy and clothing businesses and with a large distributor of food and other products for convenience stores.
In the last 20 years, Julián Gómez, Gonzalo’s eldest son, moved to the city of Miami FL. USA, venturing into a liquidation company of products left over from seasons (pass seasons) for exports to Latin America and other countries, of liquidations of the largest brands in the USA of products out of season for outlets) that today uses the name of is made to through GoLiquidator (https://en.goliquidator.com/ )
In the last 3 years, it has ventured under the name of Gómez Ossa International Commodities with the commercialization of the products that can be seen on this page.

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